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A drug is any biological substance, synthetic or non-synthetic, that is taken for non-dietary needs. It is usually synthesized outside of an organism, but introduced into an organism to produce its action. That is, when taken into the organisms body, it will produce some effects or alter some bodily functions (such as relieving symptoms, curing diseases or used as preventive medicine or any other purposes).

Modern medicines spare us all an incredible amount of suffering. If you doubt it, imagine a world without antibiotics to cure infections, analgesics to alleviate pain, or any of the many drugs we use to ease stiff joints and help weakened hearts.

But today's potent medicines are not without their risks. For certain people, at certain times, some drugs can cause problems. And for all people, misusing a medication is an invitation to trouble. The purpose of this web site is to alert you to those times and those conditions which should make you wary, and to help you use all of your medications safely and effectively.

This web site is not substitute for a visit to the doctor. Only a doctor can weigh all the diverse aspects of your condition and choose the treatment most likely to meet your needs. What we hope this web site can do, however, is help you sort out the facts and questions that deserve further discussion. Your doctor, after all, can respond only to the problems and concerns you mention. And a seemingly unimportant question could ultimately reveal a crucial aspect of your particular case.

Most prescription drugs, pills like phen375 or product have two names-a generic chemical and a manufacture's brand name, so don't get confuse between generic chemical and a manufacture's brand name.

Tips for Taking Medicine

  • Ask your doctor and your pharmacist for the exact times you should take a medicine.
  • Always take your medicine as recommended. If in any doubt contact your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Using adequate light, read labels carefully before taking doses.
  • Don't stop taking your medicine or adjust the dose or change how often you take it without speaking to your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding.
  • Contact the doctor or pharmacist if new or unexpected symptoms appear.
  • Medications are typically available in brand name and generic forms, and some insurance plans will only pay for the generic unless the doctor indicates otherwise. Ask your doctor whether you need a specific brand of drug or can take the generic form.
  • Don’t chew, crush or break tablets or capsules unless your doctor has told you to do so.
  • Never take someone else's medicine.
  • Tell your doctor what herbal products you are taking or plan to take.
  • Throw out medicine if the label date says that it has expired and also keep all medicine out of children's reach.

At last, modern drug therapy is a vast and complicated field- so complicated that, for many questions about medicines, the answer varies with each patient. Drugsdiary.org gives you general guidelines for safe drug use; but only your doctor, evaluating the unique details of your case, can give you the exact instructions best suited for you. The goal of this web site is simply to alert you to the most pertinent questions to ask, and to help clarify your doctor's answers-in short, to give you the tools you need to supervise your own medical care as effectively as possible.

We wish you good health.

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